Wednesday, June 10, 2015

maths prove it

this is my maths prove it


how many tenths are in this number ?
9328 because you go to the tenths colum and all the numbers on the left

what is in the hundredths colum?

how many hundreds in this number?
93 because you pick all the numbers on the left 

by taylor

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Maths Prove It.

                                                Maths Prove It 

732.951    1.What number is in the tenths
h    t    o        t    h    t                      coloum - 9 because after the 
u    e   n        e    u    h                      point is tenths.
n    n   e        n    n    o
d    s   s         t    d    u                  2.How many hundredths are in
r                    h   r     s                   this number? - 732.95 because fom the
e                   s    e     a                  hundredths and left is the number.
d                         d     n   
s                         t       d
                          h       s