Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Merit evidence-peer mediator

Peer mediator

On Thursday I had peer mediator with Jack, we got our high vis and lanyard we headed to the Junior area, once we got there we walked around asking if everybody was happy and what they did today, when we went to the playground their was a small problem but got sorted out quiet quickly.

I talked to some of the kids I knew, then after a couple of small problems the bell rang and it was time to go back to class, I put my high vis and lanyard back and lined up.

Merit evidence- librarian


On Tuesday I had librarian at lunch, when I got there I put back returned books to the right place, books on the ground to the right place and went around to ask if everything was okay.

Once I returned some books and put them back it was time for the library to close, so I went around saying the library was closed and waited for everyone to leave so I could clean the beanbags and books, then it was time for me to go back to class.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

merit evidence- peer mediator

Peer mediator

Today I had my peer mediator duty with Jack, once we got to the junior area we had a couple problems to sort out Jack sorted out on while I sorted out the other after that we had a problem about kids playing in the bush and kids not wearing their hat but we sorted that out then we went to the sand pit and there was a boy stuck in sand so we helped him out then the bell rang and we put back our hi-vis and lanyard and went into class.

Merit evidence- librarian


On Tuesday I had Library when I got there their were books that needed to be put away after I had put them away I had sorted out a problem in the back, then I had helped a kakano student find a book, when we had returns I would put them away after awhile the library was closing so I went around and told everyone once everyone left I then cleaned up the beanbags and waited till I could go to class.

Friday, October 16, 2015

M 3 goals

Walt: Reflect on your 3 goal from the start of the year.

My goals:
1. To be in choir
2. To achieve my merit badge
3. To achieve my silver award

1. I am in choir and I am going to the music festival performance~My next steps are to participate in the performance.

2. I am a couple can do blog posts away from and 1 HLC away from my merit badge~My next steps are to do my can dos and blog and a HLC

3. I have achieved my bronze and I am working on my silver~My next step is to get all my little certificates.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Merit evidence can do

Today I had peer mediation

Today for peer mediation I went to the junior area, at the start we had a problem about a hula hoop being stuck, we couldn't get it down so we got Mr. Rush to get it after school. Then I sorted some other problems out and then I helped a little girl find her friends, after a while of asking kids if they were okay the bell rang and i put away the peer mediator stuff and lined up.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

merit evidence can do


Today I had library I showed up early and waited till everyone could be let in. I started to put away all the books and made sure that all of them were in the right place. Then I had to sort out a problem with someone eating on the bean bags shortly after that the bell had rung so I had put some bean bags and cushions back then went to class to line up.

Monday, September 21, 2015

merit evidence


Today I had Pals, for our activity we were doing skipping. First I got out the red and orange skipping ropes then blue and white and one purple rope, after I hooked them on the railing I took the purple rope with me and  I did jump in's, every once and a while I would look for any ropes that were on the ground at put them back. When the bell rung the kids gave the ropes back we tied them and put them back then went back to class.

Generalise the properties of addition and subtraction with whole numbers

W.A.L.T: Generalise the properties of addition and subtraction with whole numbers


I think my solo taxonomy is extended abstract because I can get the answer correct with out the answer sheet.

My next step is to find a new maths goal.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Koru games 2015/merit evidence

Over the last 3 days I competed in netball at Koru Games.

I really enjoyed competing in netball because most of the other netball teams were friendly and played to the umpire and played fairly.

Thinking back to the beginning of the year, I really improved on working with my team players because I hadn't worked with some of them before.

Overall I found the Koru Games fun because of the other teams, my team mates and the umpires making it an awesome experience for me.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

merit evidence must do kauri team events

Koru games.

Today was the second day of Koru games I had everything I needed, I had 4 netball games today I played GK and GD for our first and second game we lost then for our third game we won and for our last game we lost. My goal for tomorrow is to dodge my partner and drive to get the ball.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

merit evidence can do


Today I had librarian when I got there I put books back and then Mrs Ward wanted me to put some art on the wires so I did then I had to sellotape some art together. Then I checked the back to see if everything was okay, after a couple of minutes it was time to close the library once I did I cleaned a little then left and lined up.

merit must do evidence

Tech and Tech bus

Today I had tech my bus buddy was Lauren H on the way there and back I wasn't loud just loud enough so Lauren could hear me. I reminded some people around me to not be so loud.

When we arrived at tech I lined up and went in. We made pizza scrolls and cinnamon pinwheels.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

My reading prove it

W.A.LT. Knowledge of vocabulary. This is my article that I have to answer questions to 

I picked colourful because in the article it says that it is a very bright celebration and brightly coloured mess.

I got it right.

For this question I highlighted the text because I might get it wrong.

I go back to the highlighted text

And pick my answer 

I got it right 

my next step is to find my new goal on my Asttle sheet.

My writing prove it

These are two paragraphs that I linked together

W.A.L.T: I can organise my ideas into paragraphs using connectives, topic sentences and linking sentences

White lies can keep you and others safe, what are you going to say when a stranger asks for you or your friends live? Simple tell them a whit lie it's really as easy as that although you should only tell white lies for the right reasons.

You shouldn't tell a white lie about other people also known as rumours or to get out of serious trouble you did cause and blame it on someone else so don't tell those that's a big NO!

My next step is to find a new goal from my Asttle.

My exit ticket👇

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Merit evidence must do

Radio station.

Today I had radio station with Grace C we left class at 12:50 because it takes a while to set up, we got a script and write 5 songs and found some news. Then we shared some upcoming news and we had a chat about KORU games. Then we packed up and turned all the mics off and went to line up outside.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Merit evidence must do

Tech bus there and back.

Today we had tech, on the way there I sat three to a seat and talked to the people I was sitting with I didn't talk to loud because then the bus would get noisy.

On the way back I sat two to a seat because there was enough seats for everybody. I talked to my bus buddy quietly and told the people in front of us to be quieter politely  because the bus driver told them to and they didn't notice.

Once we arrived at school we got off the bus and we made sure that the people around us were quiet walking back to class.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Goal: Make up and use a rule to create a sequential pattern

Goal: Make up and use a rule to create a sequential pattern

Here is the question 

Freda starts at 30 and Fred starts at 1 

Freda can only jump every 2 so I counted in twos on a number line starting from 30 to 100

Fred can only jump every 3 so I counted in threes on a number line starting from 1 to 100

It took 33 jumps for Fred and 35 for Freda to get to 100
so Fred wins because he got there before Freda.

For my SOLO level I think I am at Extended abstract because I checked my answer and see if it made sense and checked if me and someone else that we got the same answer.

My next step in maths is Generalise the properties of addition and subtraction with whole numbers.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Merit evidence can do Librarian

Today I had librarian with Sam L, it was busy we had issued books, put books in its right space and helped with some computer problems. Once it was time to pack up I went around saying that the library is now closed once all the kids have left we cleaned up some of the books and chairs and asked if we could leave. Then I left and hanged out with my friends until lunch was over.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Career board

This is my career board I did it with Sophie and our career is a professional makeup artist 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Merit evidence can do Getting involved

Getting involved at P.A.L.S

At lunch Grace and I went to go see what was on at PALS because we had nothing else to do for lunch, when we got there they were playing dodgeball we asked if we could play and then joined a side. We played all lunch and then once lunch was over we headed back to class.

Merit evidince can do Library duty

                              Library duty

On Tuesday I had library duty, I helped some kakano students issue and return books. I helped Mrs Ward by putting books in there right place and placing stamps in books and tape in the middle of books.
I also helped some kakano students chose what books they would like, then once library was closing I went around and out back telling them that the library is closed.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

W.A.L.T to use different sentences and punctuation

                                                             narrative wonder story

                                    W.A.L.T   to use different sentences and punctuation                              

Hi, I'm August I am 7 years old for my 7th birthday i am going to the beach with my family ,mum,dad and my big sister Via.
I'm not that excited because of how my face looks and i don't like people staring at me and saying things behind my back.
{Saturday morning 8am}
"Via,have you got sunscreen on!"
"Yessssss mum!"
I here them screaming at each other across the house,as I am packing my togs,towel,boogie boards and goggles once i have everything i go into the living room to wait for them.
 Then mum walks in with a gift guessing its for me she sits next to me and says "Augguy this is for you" she hands me the girt and i rip open the gift and see that there is snorkeler I pack them with me.

We leave and get in our car and head to the beach.Via and I have an intense game of paper,scissors,rock Via won like always suddenly the car we pull up to a car park.Via and I leap out of the car lying on the floor thankful we are out of the car with my mums horrible driving!!!I grab my bag out of the car and Via and I run to the changing rooms we eventually find them we find mum and dad in a nice sunny spot not that far away from the water.Via and I sprint to the sparkling water and dip our feet in and jump up and run up to mum and dad yelling "IT IS FREEZING!"Via stays with mum and dad but I go back to the water.

I hear some people behind me but i ignore it until someone touches my shoulder i admit i was scared so i slowly turned around and one of them said "Whats wrong with your face why is it so ugly" I dont say anything but inside i my ears have steam coming out of them.Then they leave me alone I was about to cry when the smaller one runs up to me and i see that he is holding something then there is a big flash he had taken a photo of my face and then he runs away.I am so mad so i decide to swim out more.I am so distracted by what they did I stop to touch the sea bed but I cant reach the ground I get worried and start to swim to shore.I start

self portrait

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

How My 3 goals at the start of the year are going.

                                                         My 3 goals 

1. To be in choir
2.To achieve my merit badge
3.To achieve my silver certificate 

1. I am in choir and have performed in an assembly.
I think I am at extended abstract for my solo level because I have not missed choir unless I'm sick.

2. I have done most blog posts and need to work on my home learning challenges.

3. I need to work harder because I haven't achieved my Bronze yet.

I am doing these things because I would like to be a house captain in 2016.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Maths Prove It.

                                                   Maths prove it 

W.A.L.T the mathematical symbols =,>,<

> this means the greater number on the left
< this means the greater number on the right 
= this means both numbers are the same 
32  <  66
75  <  76 

81  =  81

21  >  12    

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

maths prove it

this is my maths prove it


how many tenths are in this number ?
9328 because you go to the tenths colum and all the numbers on the left

what is in the hundredths colum?

how many hundreds in this number?
93 because you pick all the numbers on the left 

by taylor

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Maths Prove It.

                                                Maths Prove It 

732.951    1.What number is in the tenths
h    t    o        t    h    t                      coloum - 9 because after the 
u    e   n        e    u    h                      point is tenths.
n    n   e        n    n    o
d    s   s         t    d    u                  2.How many hundredths are in
r                    h   r     s                   this number? - 732.95 because fom the
e                   s    e     a                  hundredths and left is the number.
d                         d     n   
s                         t       d
                          h       s                

Friday, May 29, 2015

My discovery

Step 1: I cut out a box for the canvas 
Step 2: I put tape on anywhere and made shapes
Step 3: I painted the shapes
Step 4: I took of the tape slowly
Step 5: I waited for it to dry
Step 6: I'm done

Thursday, May 28, 2015


            My  Career
My chosen career is to be a professional make-up artist. Make-up artists apply make-up and  prosthetics for theatre,television,film,fashion,magazines and other similar productions including all aspects of the modeling industry.


              My Goal 

At the start of the year my goals were....

1.To be in choir
2.To earn my merit badge
3.To earn my silver certificate

I am in choir.
I am trying to achieve my merit badge.
I am focusing on getting my bronze then moving on to get my silver.

Next year I would also like to be an house captain for the MIRO house.

By Taylor

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


                                                       LIBRARY DUTY 

Today I was on library duty with Sam L, I helped some Kakano students pick books to get out and I issued some students books, once the library was closing I went around and told everyone library was closing then I tidied the books on the floor after that we went back to class.

-Taylor :D

Friday, May 8, 2015


    W.A.L.T  Know fractions in everyday use. count the coloured pieces =5   Then you count how many pieces all up =10

So the answer would be 5/10 

2. 4 coloured pieces and 8 pieces all up 
the answer will be  4/8

3. 7 coloured pieces and 11 pieces all up 
the answer will be 7/11

Thursday, May 7, 2015

poem #1


Chameleons are fun but i don't have one chameleons change colour some chameleons are free and some live on a tree


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

                                                   My leadership goal

My leadership goal is to start getting my merit badge by:

.Showing up to my jobs on time e.g. peer mediator,pals,library 

.Doing my work e.g. blogposts,home learning challenges,homework

.Getting my SDL done on time

i hope i achieve my merit badge before term 3


Monday, March 23, 2015

Negative numbers


This is our maths goal we are learning to explain negative numbers 
Here is some examples of what we did 

By Taylor and honor😃😃

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Maths goal

W.A.L.T  Explain the meaning of negative numbers.

      Put these integers in order from least to greatest........

0 -5 4 3 -3

The right answer 
-5 -3 0 3 4

Monday, March 9, 2015


. to be in choir
.to get a merit
.to earn my silver