Thursday, March 31, 2016

Peer mediation merit evidence can do (post 3)

Peer mediation

On Wednesday I had peer mediation with Savannah. We got our lan yards, high vis and iPad and went to the junior area first. Once we got their we had juniors come up to us and say hi we let them talk to us for a little bit then they went off to play, then saw a little girl get pushed over (she was playing a game) so we took her to a duty teacher to get sorted. Then we left to go to the left side of the field to walk around and keep an eye out, we had more juniors come up to us and they talk to us then the bell rang and they ran to their classes and we started to head back to class to line up. 

The learner qualities/care values I used are:
. Respect by following the rules and not beings bias.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

PE- fielding and striking reflection

WALT: Apply Striking and Fielding activities in a range of sports and activities.

My Strengths Standing side on and having a good grip on the racket.

The striking strategies I was able to effectively demonstrate during the games we played were have a good grip and follow through a little bit.

The throwing and catching strategies I was able to effectively demonstrate during the games we played were watching the ball to where it went and followed through.

My Next Steps are to be more forward and be more involved physical.

To improve my striking of a ball I need to watch the ball coming towards me because the I can aim better.

To Improve my catching and fielding I need to watch the ball and cup my hands because then I'll be ready to catch the ball.

The game that I enjoyed the most was rounders because I got a go at fielding and striking all at one go.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I can describe the author's purpose in relation to structure and language choices in a text and give relevant evidence (eg vocabulary used)

W.A.L.T. I can describe the author's purpose in relation to structure and language choices in a text and give relevant evidence (eg vocabulary used)

My solo level now is: Relational ( can compare and contrast differences in the author's purpose in relation to structure and language choices between different texts. I can compare and contrast the author's purpose in relation to structure and language choices and identify leadership traits in a text)

Here is an example of my learning

Run/Bike/Run merit evidence must do


On Monday we had RBR, I was in a group with Hannah I was doing both of the runs and Hannah was doing the bike. It took place at Halswell Domain we were walking down there, we had a police officer helping us cross the main road. When we got their we listened to all the rules and had some food, Emily and I helped with the 3 races guiding the bikers to their track, I helped a little girl who hurt her foot by carrying her to aid. Then it was our race I was nervous because my knee was playing up, when it started I ran the lap tagged Hannah to bike she biked the lap tagged me then I ran the 2nd lap and stopped at the base. My knee was pretty sore from the run so I got a ride from Ms. B to school once we got their I got an ice pack then went to assembly.

The learner qualities I used were:

. Be self aware of the other people around me

. Be resilient by finishing the race when I had a sore knee 

The flag referendum

Today Lachlan and I were researching/seeing if the current flag should change or not.

The doc we researched on

We researched on if the flag should be changed or not and all the perspectives, then we had to put the research in categories e.g. common knowledge, expert opinion, personal opinion etc..

Once we were done we had an overall, I think I did well because I can explain why the flag shouldn't be changed and vis versa.

Peer mediation merit evidence can do (post 2)

Peer mediation

Today I had peer mediation with Hannah since Savannah was away, we got our lanyard and hi vis then went to the junior area we walked around there for awhile little kids came up to us and just chatted. We went to the left side of the field and walked around there, we had 0 problems for our duty. The bell rang so we put the equipment away and lined up.

The learner quality's I used were:

. Be self aware for when the juniors ran in front of me I would be careful around them

.Communicate for when the juniors didn't want to leave and I talked to them to get them to go back to class 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Technology/bus merit evidence must do


Today it was technology, I got to school got my hat and pencil case the bell rang and my bus we all lined up, on the way there I sat with Hannah we talked to each other the only time we talked to someone one else was to politely remind them to be quieter because it was getting louder. Once we arrived we went to foods we did the routine and made Cheese scrolls and mini pancakes, I brought the mini pancakes back to school. We lined up and waited to get on the bus when we got on we didn't talk loud and would remind people politely to be quieter. Then we all headed to class quietly.

The learner qualities I used are:
. Be self aware because when I had to move a sharp knife to the cooking table I was careful around the people walking around me.

. Question because if I wanted to find more about what we were cooking or wasn't sure on what to do I would ask my team or the cooking teacher.

Librarian Merit evidence can do


Today I had library with Hannah, our job is to cover books. Since it we had done it before we got all the equipment we needed and started covering the books,we had 5 books to do. At the end of lunch we had covered all the books then we packed away the equipment and headed to class.

The Learner qualities I used are:
. Collaborate because I have to collaborate with Hannah to get the job done properly.

. Be resilient because when something wasn't going right with the books I would try again.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Choir Merit evidence can do


On Thursday I had senior choir, when we got there we did roll call then we started doing warm ups like 12345, jumping, vocal warm ups. We started with a cat song and sung that a couple times to memorize the lyrics wile Miss E played the piano. Then we sang Hello- Adele a couple times, then the bell rang we got our stuff and went to class.

The learner qualities I used are:
. Be self aware because one of our warm ups is to jump in different directions and I was being self aware by being careful around instruments and the people beside me

. Be resilient because when there was a song that we had to sing that I didn't really like, I would sing the song instead of complaining.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Leadership learning term 1 2016

W.A.L.T. describe the traits of an effective leader.

My level I am on now is multi structural.

My next step is to move to relational level I can compare and contrasts the traits of different  leaders.

This proves that I know what an effective leader is.
My next step is to move to relational.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Peer mediation Merit evidence can do

Peer mediation

On Wednesday I had Peer mediation with Kyla, we got our high vis, lanyard and iPad and started walking to the Juniors area. Once we got there we had a little girl who couldn't find her friends so we helped her find her friends then we had a few minor problems but sorted them out quickly. We then went to the basketball court and had a problem the problem went to the end of lunch but we sorted it before the bell rang, then we headed to class and lined up.

The learner qualities I used are:
. Empathize because I was getting it from the other perspective
. Communicate because you need to communicate with the people involved to get it solved.

Teaching the Yr 0's & 1's fun games

Today Hannah and I were lucky enough to teach the little kids some games we used to play when we were their age, we played heads down thumbs up, duck duck goose, Simon says and sleeping lions. We got two groups with three kids each rotation.

For the first group the kids were so excited to be playing with the us, they couldn't stop giggling and wanting to tell us what they did that day, we asked if they wanted to play the games we had in mind and they all happily agreed. The first game we played was Simon says and you could tell they were enjoying it, then we played duck duck goose, then heads down thumbs up, then finally we played sleeping lions to calm them down.

For our second group we played everything in the same order, because the order worked out well. They were like the first group excited to play with us and couldn't stop giggling, they played all the games really well when we went back and they were sad that we had to go.

We had heaps of fun and were happy the little kids did too.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Merit evidence can do librarian


On Wednesday I had Librarian with Hannah, it was a normal duty since we had to fill in for the yr 7's. I put books back to where they where meant to be, and  issued/renewed/returned some books. Then the bell rang and we told everyone the library was closing, then we got our  librarian badges and went back to class.

The learner qualities I used are:
.Communicate because we had to see who was doing what job
.Question because I would ask Hannah if I was doing things right and how to do them.

Merit evidence must do Food forest with Mr McAven

What I did: I helped weed, chop, stomp and wheel barrow the weeds to the trailer.

Why: Because we needed to get all the weeds and needed to clear it out so we can to plant more.

Where: Behind room 12/13 in front of the chickens and behind room 14/15/16/17/18/19 (maize maze) where the corn is being planted.

When: the 2nd all day and the 3rd all day.

How I felt about it: I liked working with the Juniors because it's fun and I enjoy it. I didn't like the food forest that much because of the dirt always getting in my eye but it needed to be done.

This is the Maize maze where the corn was.

This is behind room 12/13 where the chickens are.