Thursday, November 5, 2015

merit evidence- peer mediator

Peer mediator

Today I had my peer mediator duty with Jack, once we got to the junior area we had a couple problems to sort out Jack sorted out on while I sorted out the other after that we had a problem about kids playing in the bush and kids not wearing their hat but we sorted that out then we went to the sand pit and there was a boy stuck in sand so we helped him out then the bell rang and we put back our hi-vis and lanyard and went into class.

Merit evidence- librarian


On Tuesday I had Library when I got there their were books that needed to be put away after I had put them away I had sorted out a problem in the back, then I had helped a kakano student find a book, when we had returns I would put them away after awhile the library was closing so I went around and told everyone once everyone left I then cleaned up the beanbags and waited till I could go to class.