Sunday, August 2, 2015

W.A.L.T to use different sentences and punctuation

                                                             narrative wonder story

                                    W.A.L.T   to use different sentences and punctuation                              

Hi, I'm August I am 7 years old for my 7th birthday i am going to the beach with my family ,mum,dad and my big sister Via.
I'm not that excited because of how my face looks and i don't like people staring at me and saying things behind my back.
{Saturday morning 8am}
"Via,have you got sunscreen on!"
"Yessssss mum!"
I here them screaming at each other across the house,as I am packing my togs,towel,boogie boards and goggles once i have everything i go into the living room to wait for them.
 Then mum walks in with a gift guessing its for me she sits next to me and says "Augguy this is for you" she hands me the girt and i rip open the gift and see that there is snorkeler I pack them with me.

We leave and get in our car and head to the beach.Via and I have an intense game of paper,scissors,rock Via won like always suddenly the car we pull up to a car park.Via and I leap out of the car lying on the floor thankful we are out of the car with my mums horrible driving!!!I grab my bag out of the car and Via and I run to the changing rooms we eventually find them we find mum and dad in a nice sunny spot not that far away from the water.Via and I sprint to the sparkling water and dip our feet in and jump up and run up to mum and dad yelling "IT IS FREEZING!"Via stays with mum and dad but I go back to the water.

I hear some people behind me but i ignore it until someone touches my shoulder i admit i was scared so i slowly turned around and one of them said "Whats wrong with your face why is it so ugly" I dont say anything but inside i my ears have steam coming out of them.Then they leave me alone I was about to cry when the smaller one runs up to me and i see that he is holding something then there is a big flash he had taken a photo of my face and then he runs away.I am so mad so i decide to swim out more.I am so distracted by what they did I stop to touch the sea bed but I cant reach the ground I get worried and start to swim to shore.I start

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