Friday, October 16, 2015

M 3 goals

Walt: Reflect on your 3 goal from the start of the year.

My goals:
1. To be in choir
2. To achieve my merit badge
3. To achieve my silver award

1. I am in choir and I am going to the music festival performance~My next steps are to participate in the performance.

2. I am a couple can do blog posts away from and 1 HLC away from my merit badge~My next steps are to do my can dos and blog and a HLC

3. I have achieved my bronze and I am working on my silver~My next step is to get all my little certificates.


  1. Great job Taylor and you are so close to your merit badge.

  2. Good Job Taylor. I liked how you said your goal, how your going on that Goal and your Next step. Next time make sure you proof read as your title says M 3 goals.

  3. Good work Taylor i really help you achieved your three goals good work