Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Find and validate data measures e.g. Mean, median, mode and range from appropriate displays

I can describe what mean, median, mode and range mean.

Mean: Add all the numbers together and then divide it by how many numbers there are e.g.  23+25+28+31+37+41=185 then 185 divide it by 6= 30.8

Median: Get all your numbers from smallest to largest then get the one in the middle and that's your answer. If there are two numbers in the middle then plus them together then divide the answer by two

Mode: The answer is the number that is shown most e.g. 3,6,4,8,3,6,2,2,3,3 the answer is 3 because it is shown most

Range: Get the largest number and the smallest number minus them and the answer is your answer

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