Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Run/Bike/Run merit evidence must do


On Monday we had RBR, I was in a group with Hannah I was doing both of the runs and Hannah was doing the bike. It took place at Halswell Domain we were walking down there, we had a police officer helping us cross the main road. When we got their we listened to all the rules and had some food, Emily and I helped with the 3 races guiding the bikers to their track, I helped a little girl who hurt her foot by carrying her to aid. Then it was our race I was nervous because my knee was playing up, when it started I ran the lap tagged Hannah to bike she biked the lap tagged me then I ran the 2nd lap and stopped at the base. My knee was pretty sore from the run so I got a ride from Ms. B to school once we got their I got an ice pack then went to assembly.

The learner qualities I used were:

. Be self aware of the other people around me

. Be resilient by finishing the race when I had a sore knee 

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