Friday, March 4, 2016

Teaching the Yr 0's & 1's fun games

Today Hannah and I were lucky enough to teach the little kids some games we used to play when we were their age, we played heads down thumbs up, duck duck goose, Simon says and sleeping lions. We got two groups with three kids each rotation.

For the first group the kids were so excited to be playing with the us, they couldn't stop giggling and wanting to tell us what they did that day, we asked if they wanted to play the games we had in mind and they all happily agreed. The first game we played was Simon says and you could tell they were enjoying it, then we played duck duck goose, then heads down thumbs up, then finally we played sleeping lions to calm them down.

For our second group we played everything in the same order, because the order worked out well. They were like the first group excited to play with us and couldn't stop giggling, they played all the games really well when we went back and they were sad that we had to go.

We had heaps of fun and were happy the little kids did too.

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