Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Technology/bus merit evidence must do


Today it was technology, I got to school got my hat and pencil case the bell rang and my bus we all lined up, on the way there I sat with Hannah we talked to each other the only time we talked to someone one else was to politely remind them to be quieter because it was getting louder. Once we arrived we went to foods we did the routine and made Cheese scrolls and mini pancakes, I brought the mini pancakes back to school. We lined up and waited to get on the bus when we got on we didn't talk loud and would remind people politely to be quieter. Then we all headed to class quietly.

The learner qualities I used are:
. Be self aware because when I had to move a sharp knife to the cooking table I was careful around the people walking around me.

. Question because if I wanted to find more about what we were cooking or wasn't sure on what to do I would ask my team or the cooking teacher.

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