Thursday, March 31, 2016

Peer mediation merit evidence can do (post 3)

Peer mediation

On Wednesday I had peer mediation with Savannah. We got our lan yards, high vis and iPad and went to the junior area first. Once we got their we had juniors come up to us and say hi we let them talk to us for a little bit then they went off to play, then saw a little girl get pushed over (she was playing a game) so we took her to a duty teacher to get sorted. Then we left to go to the left side of the field to walk around and keep an eye out, we had more juniors come up to us and they talk to us then the bell rang and they ran to their classes and we started to head back to class to line up. 

The learner qualities/care values I used are:
. Respect by following the rules and not beings bias.

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